Elephant Killer (Review) in Resident Evil 6

Elephant killer is one of the best guns with magnum ammo's that occurs in Re6.In Edonia both Sherry and and Jake have this gun.It has massive effects on the enemies only one shot is quite enough for the simple zombies but it is expensive so,gamers reserve this gun and use at the time of big boxes that have a strong life.It targets are very strong and enemies face difficulty in dodging it.

If we compare this gun to other weapons such as .50 AE Counterpart,its damage significant is much higher its resolving power and magnification is fabulous.

You can also take an example from its name "as name suggests "Elephant Killer".Elephants are the biggest giant and cannot be killed by a single shots of rifle and shotgun.
So for defining it game producer name it as elephant killer that this is a powerful gun that even it can take down the giant elephant in no time..!!It has a slower reload and suffers from heavy recoil.It cannot be customizable because it is already upgraded to its maximum.