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Friday, October 26, 2012

To Preserve Or To Destroy?

Every form of human activity upsets or changes the wild life complex of the area unceasingly and unavoidably.Man has destroyed many forms of wild life for no reasonable purpose.Small sections of the community,for their own narrow,selfish ends,have destroyed many things of general interest.Expediency has often led man to make grave blunders in land use,habitat destruction and the extermination of many forms of wild life.

                                                     In his everyday life,man's attitude is determined in the main by purely practical considerations;ethical or moral considerations come afterwards.Looked at in this way,the disappearance from Britain of such animals as the wolf and wild boar can be more easily understood.In our intensively cultivated and over-populated country there was no room for such large mammals,the one a predator of big livestock and the other a pest to agriculture.Thus man's first attitude to animals is the result of their effect on his own survival.

                                             Then there is his concern with sport.The animals he sets aside for his purpose are given special protection and war is waged unceasingly on any other creatures that mat be a danger to them.This creates many problems and man has made serious errors in his destruction of kestrels,which are useful to the farmer;it meant the destruction of owls,which are useful to the farmer;so here you had sport acting against the interests of food production.The tragedy of all that is that all the killing of predators did not in any way to improve man's sport.It has been clearly shown by modern research that eagles,hawks,falcons and predatory mammals have not the slightest effect on the numbers of the game birds anywhere.........

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