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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Proper Way-Tips and Tricks To Increase and Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

How to get more traffic for your blog
Hey Welcome Again Every Body,today my plan is to teach you guys that how to get unique traffic to your blog-with proper and easy way..!!

So,Following are the best steps to get unlimited traffic..!!

1- Write Often But Rare:-
                                        It is not necessary to create post over post,This is just useless you are not going get traffic that way,Write relatively less but good,simple and attractive post,which forces man to open and read for it..!!

2-Create An Excellent Title For Your Post:-
                                                              The most important and basic step in blogging is to make an excellent and attractive title for your respective post.

3-Submit your website to famous search engines:-
Here are the few most important and popular search engines,
1. Google Search- Submit Here
2. Yahoo Search - Submit Here
3. Bing Search - Submit Here
4. Rediff Search(India) - Submit Here
5. Baidu Search(China) - Submit Here
6. Guruji Search(India) - Submit Here

Submit your site there and let millions of people know about your website..!!

4-Always Create Genuine Post:-
                                           Many People don't know what is genuine post.Genuine post is usually defined as "post which you create in your own words".It means Google is warning you never upload Copyright content...!!

5-Write In Chinese (If You Can):-
                                                          China is no.1 ranking country in Population.It is estimated that the post which are in Chinese language get relatively more views than rest languages..!!

6-Write about stories or Tricks:-
                                           It is noted that bloggist having story sites or trick site hit thousands of views daily.Because Every one usually attract toward these topics..I also agree that..!!

7-Add Image with Every post:-
                                                 The most important step which bloggist forget to do,this step should be kept in mind while creating post..Because Your Content Go To Google and Your Image go to Google Image Portion,which allows image searching user to reach your site in order to see that image,then they also read the post related to the image..!!
8-Share your website:-
                                 Share your website to some important sites Like:-
1- facebook
2- twitter
4-google plus
9-Create Pages Related TO Your Website:-
                                                            Creating paging is an essential part of getting traffic,create your page according to your website.
                                   As I have an website related to Tricks And Tutorial,Then I will create Facebook,Google Plus,Twitter Pages and I will mention my site there to get traffic from these websites in order to promote my site..!

10-Submit your site to official bookmarking sites Like Reddit:-
                                                      Official bookmarking sites drive thousands of traffic to your blog by submitting your famous post there.Just Sign up and Submit your famous post to:-

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