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Friday, October 26, 2012

The impact of Islam,Islam and Hinduism,Cultural Influence,Religious Influence

Islam and Hinduism:-
Islam gained a quick and unmatch popularity throughout the sub-continent.By the end of 14 century Islam had penetrated in all parts of India making its indelible impact on the cultural,social and religious conditions of India..
Cultural Influence:-
Before the advent of Islam in India the people were divided in several social factions because of the caste system.An intense and perpetual strife was going on between all social groups of society.Conditions which extremely lacked in solidarity and homogeneity prevailed in the society.The People were greatly perturbed and worried over the unstable social conditions.The caste system had divided the society in different social groups with antagonistic approach and feelings towards each other.The prevailing conditions were ripe for the introduction of a new religious faith and system which was to negate the existing philosophies of life based on inhuman trends and customs....
                                     When Islam was introduced to the people of the sub-continent,it attracted many followers because of its simple and easily understandable principles.The social and cultural impact of Islam was on the pattern which characterized a new social system.Islam challenged the Hindu Society,with its strong traditions of social religious democracy.It presented a striking comparison between the Islamic and Hindu  societies where the spiritual and intellectual superiority was wrested by the privileged classes...
 Religious Influence:-
Islam and Hinduism basically differ in their attitude toward life.Islam strongly believes in the concept of Tauheed(Oneness of God) and insists on the equality of mankind before law.It does not see any distinction among the people on score of such inhuman principles as caste,creed and social position.Hinduism.on the other hand,believes in the multiplicity of gods and is based on the unethical caste system which had divided the society into privileged and under-privileged classes.....................

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