1)The sun is the solar system's parent star,and far and away its chief component.its large mass gives it an interior density high enough to sustain nuclear fusion,which releases enormous amounts of energy,mostly radiated into space as electromagnetic radiation such as visible light

                                                                               The sun is classified as a moderately large yellow dwarf,but this name is misleading as,compared to stars in our galaxy, the Sun is rather large and bright.Stars are classified by the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram,a graph which plots the brightness of stars against their surface temperatures.Generally,hotter stars are brighter.Stars following this pattern are said to be on the main sequence;the Sun lies right in the middle of it.However,stars are brighter and hotter then the Sun are rare,while stars dimmer and cooler are common.

                                                         it is believed that the Sun's position in the main sequence puts it in the "prime of life"for a star,in that it has not yet exhausted its store of hydrogen or nuclear fusion..The sun is growing brighter,cooler and redder,becoming a red giant in about five billion years... if you have any questions than you can ask to me..