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Friday, October 26, 2012

Some Amazing Facts About Universe

1)Distance of the sun from the earth- 149,597,900 km

2)Diameter of the sun-1,392,520km

3)Diameter of the earth-12,756km
4)Circumference of the earth-40,075

5)time taken by the earth to rotate about its axis-23hours,56 minutes and 4 seconds

6)time taken by the earth to revolve round the sun-365 1/4 days

7)diameter of the moon-3475km

8)distance of moon from the earth-384,400km

9)longest day in the northern hemisphere-21st June

10)shortest day in the northern hemisphere-22nd December

11)equal days and night everywhere-21st March and 23rd September

12)equal days and night throughout the year-8 minutes approx

13)time taken by the moon to revolve round the earth-27 days,7 hours;43 minutes and 11.47 seconds

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