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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Short History Of Olympic Games

Olympic Games:-
                               This is an international sports festival.Originally these games were held at Mount Olympus in Greece in the honour of God Zeus.These continued from 776 BC till 349 AD,these games started degenerating and by 580 AD they altogether vanished..

Modern Olympics:-
                 In 1894  French Nobleman Baron Pierre de Coubertin received these games and the modern series started from 1896 at Athens and since the games are held five continents of the world..!!

Olympic Motto:-since
                           "Cituis,Altius,Fortuis" is the Latin Motto meaning "Swifter,higher and stronger"composed by father Didon in 1897,and introduced as Olympic motto in 1920 for the first time.

Olympic Emblem:-
                             Olympic emblem is composed of five rings of different colors representing the continents of world.

Blue -America
Black Ring-Africa
Green Ring-Oceania

Separate winter Olympic Games Began in 1924.Women have competing in the Olympics  since 1912..
                                                              Prior to 1908 Olympics,entries at individual and club levels were also accepted by the IOC.A Calcutta based Anglo Indian Norman Pritchard participated in the Paris Games in 1900 and won two silver medals in 200 m sprint and 200 m hurdles,and thus became the first Indian to have won Olympic Medals..!!
                                                 India officially participated in the Olympics for the first time in 1920 when four athletes and two wrestlers were sent to participate in the Sixth Olympic Games at Antwerp,Belgium...

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