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Friday, October 26, 2012

Primary Education In Pakistan

Education in Pakistan at the primary and secondary level is divided into three categories.(1) Primary ( class 1 to V) (2)Lower secondary (Class VI to VIII), (3) (IX to X) and higher secondary (Class XI to XII).Primary education is the most important and crucial phase of education as it aims at developing the intellectual base of the school-going children.According to the Government statistics of there are nearly 86000 primary schools.Half and more do not have their own buildings.In the rural areas 60000 schools are open air while other use borrowed facilities.
                           In Pakistan majority of primary school-going age population does not go to school.It is less than half the primary school going age peoples who attend schools.The ration is still poorer with respect to females who never go to schools.Overall the situation has slightly improved as enrollment has increased about 8% since 1981.In respect of females it has increased only 5%.
                                                                            The primary sector has been neglected by successive governments.Every Government promised universal primary education and higher literacy.However,it is revealed that unchecked population growth,mismanagement of of funds and lack of political will have added to ignorance and illiteracy.............
                                          In the seventeenth five year plan (1988-93) need was felt for opening new schools in those areas which badly needed them.However,by this time the educational sector has already been badly hit for want of funds and lack of determination. on the part of various chalked out an ambitious Social Action programme which focused on basis education and female participation.The Government demonstrated its determination to accomplish the targets of SAP within the plan period.............

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