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Friday, October 26, 2012

Pakistan Ideology:-Definition and explanation,Two nation concept

Pakistan Ideology:-Definition and explanation,Two nation concept

Definition and explanation:-
The creation of Pakistan was unique in the sense that is was based on an ideology which sought its roots from the religion of Islam.The famous slogan "Pakistan ka matlab kiya,La illaha illallah"became the core of the freedom movement and the basis of Pakistan.....
Two-nation Concept:-
Pakistan ideology was based on the fact that the Muslims were a separate nation having their own culture,civilization,customs,literature,religion and way of life.They cannot be merged in any other nation because philosophy of life is based on the principles of Islam.As the Muslims of India found it difficult to live according to the principles of Islam int eh United India,they were forced to demand a separate homeland to safeguard their national and religious identity..........
                                          Pakistan Ideology was erected on the two-nation theory which was meant that Hindus and Muslims were two separate and distinct nations whose understanding of life was glaringly different from each other.Sir Syed Ahmad Khan,the pioneer of the two nation Theory used the word Two-nation fir Hindus and Muslims after being convinced of the Hindu and Congress hatred and prejudices for the Muslims.The Muslims were the separate nation who always adhered to their religious identity.The Muslims of the sub-continent did not want to see their image as a distinct nation being tarnished and therefore strictly adhered to it.The British and Hindus,in spite of their great efforts,could not put a wedge into the Muslim unity and lover for their nation character.The creation of Pakistan owes much to this feeling of adherence to their national image by the Muslims of the sub-continent.
                                                      As far as the meaning and definition of Pakistan Ideology is concerned,it basically means that Pakistan should be a state where the Muslims should have an opportunity to live according to their faith and creed based on the Islamic principles.They should have all the resources at their disposal to enhance Islamic culture and civilization because this was the sole purpose of demanding a separate                    
homeland for the Muslims............

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