Initial problems:-Congress reaction on the establishment of Pakistan

The British and Hindus,at last,had to surrender before the exemplary struggle of the Muslims of India.The Hindus and Congress,however,did not accept the partition and emergence of Pakistan from the core of their heart.They always looked for opportunities to create problems for the newly-born State of Pakistan.The Indian leaders had accepted the partition in the hope of undoing it soon and re-establishing their hegemony over the whole of the sub-continent.According to Brecher,"Most of the congress leaders and Nehru among them,subscribed to the view that Pakistan was not a viable State--politically ,economically,geographically or militarily and that sooner or later the areas which had ceded would be compelled by the force of circumstances to return the fold."With these sentiments the congress leaders had accepted Pakistan as for them Pakistan was a transient phase,a tactical retreat that did not affect their strategic aims.But the Quaid-i-Azam declared,"Pakistan had come to exist for ever and it will by the Grace of God exist for ever."
                                                                   The congress leader did their utmost to damage Pakistan.They adopted measures with the connivance of the British,and particularly with the blessing of Mountbatten,to pile problems for Pakistan so that it should not survive as an independent and sovereign State.The Indian Government adopted every possible means to strangle Pakistan's economy.Due to these conspiracies and mischieves,by the congress leaders,Pakistan had face great difficulties......