How To Bypass Sharecash Surveys For Free?

Hey Guys getting onto today's topic that "How To Bypass Sharecash Surveys For Free"?
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                                   Many People are getting trouble that How to bypass sharecash surveys and get the software's or stuff which you need..!!

So,Don't Worry all of you,you are at the right place,you will learn today that how to bypass sharecash surveys...!
                Actually Sharecash only allows America,England and nearby countries but people living outside the countries are not able to Download From Sharecash..!!
They detect us from our IP address,Every country has a unique ip address..!!

So,we are going to change our Ip Address to United States Of America..!!

SO Follow the following instructions carefully and step by step to Download From Sharecash Surveys.

1-First Download This IP Changer,Software Easy Hide Ip

2-After Downloading,Install it and register

3-Now Go to Your email which have give and copy the serial key and paste it on easy hide ip login

4-Now You will see your easy hide ip start,This is 3 days trial but I will also tell you that how to use it again and again..!!

5-Now close your browser and Connect to "United States Of America"

6-After Connecting,Open up your browser and open Sharecash

7-Now Congratulation,You can download any file  by completing only one survey out of 5 or 6

8-I prefer you to choose giftcard surveys,these are quite quick and easy to be done..!!

9-Give them any random email and  search on google about "ip addresses related to the country"

10-Now You are Done :)
                                                Thanks For Visiting Our Blog.!


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  4. hyyy i complete several surways but cant able to download why?????

  5. hyyy i complete several surways but cant able to download why?????

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