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Monday, October 29, 2012

6 Steps To Make Your Torrents Speed Faster

Today's Topic is how to To make torrent faster,I mean How To increase download speed of torrents file??

so,follow the following instructions to have a reliable downloading..! :)

1-Choosing the Right Torrent:-
                                         It is an important step to choose a good client for your computer,update your utorrent or bitorent,whenever update option is occuring,keep your torrents upto date to get up to date speed, Search On Google as"latest torrent"then you are going to get latest one to get more speed for your downloads as you are accepting,no matter how slow your LAN or connection is.The more you update,the more you get speed..!!Don't be confused about your internet connection speed.

2-Add windows Firewall exception:-
                                          Go to your torrent preferences and check this box which is on image"Add windows Firewall exception,This is also going to help for increasing speed, and will checkout whether the file contains any kind of virus or malware that will become harmful for your computer and a cause of tension to you..!!

3-Go To Advanced Setting's :-
                                Again go to preferences and go to advanced option and find " Net.max_halfopen" and set the value to" 80"

3-Changing Protocol Encryption:- 

 In preferences go to BitTorrent and you will see "Protocol Encryption" Outgoing make this enabled from disabled..!!

 4-Changing Global Maximum number of connections:-


 In Preferences GO to Bandwidth and make global connection to130,It will help you increasing your speed..!!

5-Some Setting For Queueing:-

Go To preferences and then go to queues and change the following settings:-
Assign Active Torrent Number's to 5

6-Now Go TO Advanced Again and Make the Following Changing:-
Switch 'bt.allow_same_ip' to true.
Switch 'dht.rate' to 2.
Switch 'rss.update_interval' to 20.


                                 After Doing All Steps Go To Torrent Again And Download any file you will find a better,faster,reliable and satisfied speed as compared to before,Thanks for visiting our blog..! Thanks :)

Video of 6 steps to make torrent speed faster:-

If video is not showing up then click on this and see the video..!!Thanks..

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How To Earn Money Online Fast?Get Paid Every 30 Seconds!!

Hey Guys Getting Onto Today's topic that "how to earn online money?Is there any company which facilitate us to earn thousands of dollar easily in just few hours without doing nothing..!!

So,You are at the right place,You are going to learn today that how to make money online Fast.Many People are earning online From This Company..!!

Only you have to do is to upload files from your computer as much as you can and when people download that image you will get 1$ to 20$ per download,and you are also going to earn from your referrals as well..!!
Follow The Following instructions:-
1-Open this link sharecash

2-Sign up with the correct email and address,cause you are going to get money at the exact location which you mention there..!!

3-Now after signing up,upload files as much as you can and earn..!!

4-Promote your files,never try to download your own file

5-They will ban you if you will download your own file..!

                            Thanks for visiting our blog,I hope you are going to get rich soon..!!Thanks

Video of how to earn money online fast and get paid every thirty seconds:-

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Friday, October 26, 2012

How To Bypass Sharecash Surveys For Free?

Hey Guys getting onto today's topic that "How To Bypass Sharecash Surveys For Free"?
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                                   Many People are getting trouble that How to bypass sharecash surveys and get the software's or stuff which you need..!!

So,Don't Worry all of you,you are at the right place,you will learn today that how to bypass sharecash surveys...!
                Actually Sharecash only allows America,England and nearby countries but people living outside the countries are not able to Download From Sharecash..!!
They detect us from our IP address,Every country has a unique ip address..!!

So,we are going to change our Ip Address to United States Of America..!!

SO Follow the following instructions carefully and step by step to Download From Sharecash Surveys.

1-First Download This IP Changer,Software Easy Hide Ip

2-After Downloading,Install it and register

3-Now Go to Your email which have give and copy the serial key and paste it on easy hide ip login

4-Now You will see your easy hide ip start,This is 3 days trial but I will also tell you that how to use it again and again..!!

5-Now close your browser and Connect to "United States Of America"

6-After Connecting,Open up your browser and open Sharecash

7-Now Congratulation,You can download any file  by completing only one survey out of 5 or 6

8-I prefer you to choose giftcard surveys,these are quite quick and easy to be done..!!

9-Give them any random email and  search on google about "ip addresses related to the country"

10-Now You are Done :)
                                                Thanks For Visiting Our Blog.!

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently?not Deactivate..!

So Many People get trouble in deleting facebook account,they usually deactivate their account and never find the proper way to delete facebook account,
                                                     So today I am gonna tell you that how to delete facebook account permanently..!
                It can be done by  opening the link given below..!!
First Sign in,

After singing in to facebook account open this link and delete your facebook account forever,Thanks

How To Increase Idm Speed Upto 10 Times?

So Getting On Today's Topic that How To Increase Your IDM Speed Upto 10 Times?

So let's follow the following and help instructions:-
1-   Open Up Your Internet Download Manger
2-Click On Download's,then Click Options,Then Connections
3-There,In Connection tab make your connection speed to Lan10mbs (10000000bps)
4-And Default max connection to 16
5-Then Click on ok
6-Now,again click the Download and go To Speed Limiter,Then Settings and make Your SPEED 1024 and click on always turn
7-Now Download any file and feel the difference,Thanks..!

Interplanteray Medium

Along with light,the Sun radiates a continuous stream of charged particles (a plasma) known as the solar wind.this stream of particles spreads outwards at roughly 1.5 million kilometers per hour,creating a tenuous atmosphere (the heliosphere)that meats the Solar system out to at least 100 AU.This is known as the interplanetary medium.the Sun's 11-year sunspot cycle and frequent solar flares and coronal mass ejections disturb the heliosphere,creating space weather.The Sun's rotating magnetic field acts on the interplanetary medium to create the heliosphere current sheet,the largest structure in the solar system.Earth's magnet field protects it's atmosphere from interacting with the solar wind.Venus and Mars do not have magnetic fields,and the solar wind causes their atmosphere to gradually bleed away into space.the interaction of the solar wind with Earth's magnetic field creates the seen near the magnetic poles..

Cosmic rays originate outside the solar system.The heliosphere partially shields the Solar system,and planetary magnetic fields (for planets which have them)also provide some protection.The density of cosmic rays in the interstellar medium and the strength of the Sun's magnetic field change on very long time scales,so the level of cosmic radiation in the solar system varies,though by how much is unknown..
The interplanetary medium is home to at least two dislike regions of cosmic dust.the first,the zodiacal dust cloud,lies in the inner Solar system and cause zodiacal was likely formed by collisions within the asteroid belt brought on by interactions with the planets.The second extends from about 10 AU to about 40 AU,and was probably created by similar collisions within the belt...


1)The sun is the solar system's parent star,and far and away its chief component.its large mass gives it an interior density high enough to sustain nuclear fusion,which releases enormous amounts of energy,mostly radiated into space as electromagnetic radiation such as visible light

                                                                               The sun is classified as a moderately large yellow dwarf,but this name is misleading as,compared to stars in our galaxy, the Sun is rather large and bright.Stars are classified by the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram,a graph which plots the brightness of stars against their surface temperatures.Generally,hotter stars are brighter.Stars following this pattern are said to be on the main sequence;the Sun lies right in the middle of it.However,stars are brighter and hotter then the Sun are rare,while stars dimmer and cooler are common.

                                                         it is believed that the Sun's position in the main sequence puts it in the "prime of life"for a star,in that it has not yet exhausted its store of hydrogen or nuclear fusion..The sun is growing brighter,cooler and redder,becoming a red giant in about five billion years... if you have any questions than you can ask to me..

Descending the Rapids

We had reached the most dangerous part of the river,for there were here three rapids at no great distance apart which had to be passed.The waters were then low and the rocks numerous,threatening no little danger to the boats.When the water is high navigation is less difficult,for the difference of level in the rapids become much less,and the danger of being driven on the rocks is also great diminished.The increasing roar caused by the falling water warned us of the close proximity of the rapid,though we had heard it a long way back.At the first big fall we unloaded our boat,carrying everything on the men shoulders along the shore beyond the dangerous part;but we all returned to the boat to make our dash though the foaming waters.For me it was quite a new sensation and indeed,i felt it was quite possible i might never have the opportunity of narrating it.i had full faith in my Kayans,however,and especially in the expert who wielded the steering paddle at the stern.Drawn up to his fullest height, he looked eagerly for the best passage.this was no easy task,for not only had the steersman to avoid the rocks which were above water,but those just covered by it,which were still more dangerous,capsizing the canoe in an instant .At first the current seemed nothing out of the common,but as we approached it increased in force until there seemed almost something uncanny in its overwhelming strength..

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Curious Kiwi 

When we got into the comparatively tranquil waters beyond,our boat was full and would inevitably have sunk but for the rapid and able manner in which the Kayans baled the water out.Some of them jumped overboard to lighten the boat at once

Curious Kiwi

Why has the kiwi survived while its relatives the moas have become extinct?One reason,I think is that it has adopted nocturnal habits.Kiwis are not normally about in the day-time.During the daylight hours they lie up in hiding,where enemies have no rope of finding them.Their coloration protects them;the strange drab feathering,so unlike that of most birds,gives them a cloak of invisibility while they sleep.And when night falls,out they come to scratch in the ground and find worms and grubs and feed to their hearts content.They couldn't do that so effectively if they didn't have another peculiarity that i have no mentioned yet.The nostrils of the most birds open high up near the base of beak,but the kiwi wears  his nostrils right near the tip of the long,probe-like bill.That's good for a bird that feeds in the ground at night.The kiwi's sight is poor at the best of times,but his sense of smell is acute,and so is the sense of touch in the tip of that long bill.He can scratch in the forest floor with his eyes closed,and the delicate sense located at the beak-tip will feel that slightest movement of a worm or grub.Most of those things have an odour of something worthwhile in the way of food,the delicate bill is ready to pick it up and swallow it...

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To Preserve Or To Destroy?

Every form of human activity upsets or changes the wild life complex of the area unceasingly and unavoidably.Man has destroyed many forms of wild life for no reasonable purpose.Small sections of the community,for their own narrow,selfish ends,have destroyed many things of general interest.Expediency has often led man to make grave blunders in land use,habitat destruction and the extermination of many forms of wild life.

                                                     In his everyday life,man's attitude is determined in the main by purely practical considerations;ethical or moral considerations come afterwards.Looked at in this way,the disappearance from Britain of such animals as the wolf and wild boar can be more easily understood.In our intensively cultivated and over-populated country there was no room for such large mammals,the one a predator of big livestock and the other a pest to agriculture.Thus man's first attitude to animals is the result of their effect on his own survival.

                                             Then there is his concern with sport.The animals he sets aside for his purpose are given special protection and war is waged unceasingly on any other creatures that mat be a danger to them.This creates many problems and man has made serious errors in his destruction of kestrels,which are useful to the farmer;it meant the destruction of owls,which are useful to the farmer;so here you had sport acting against the interests of food production.The tragedy of all that is that all the killing of predators did not in any way to improve man's sport.It has been clearly shown by modern research that eagles,hawks,falcons and predatory mammals have not the slightest effect on the numbers of the game birds anywhere.........

Some Amazing Facts About Universe

1)Distance of the sun from the earth- 149,597,900 km

2)Diameter of the sun-1,392,520km

3)Diameter of the earth-12,756km
4)Circumference of the earth-40,075

5)time taken by the earth to rotate about its axis-23hours,56 minutes and 4 seconds

6)time taken by the earth to revolve round the sun-365 1/4 days

7)diameter of the moon-3475km

8)distance of moon from the earth-384,400km

9)longest day in the northern hemisphere-21st June

10)shortest day in the northern hemisphere-22nd December

11)equal days and night everywhere-21st March and 23rd September

12)equal days and night throughout the year-8 minutes approx

13)time taken by the moon to revolve round the earth-27 days,7 hours;43 minutes and 11.47 seconds

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Education in Pakistan:-Educational reforms and planning

At the time of independence,only two of the twenty-one universities of undivided India came to Pakistan's share.In East Pakistan there were 29000 primary schools out of 39000.The ratio was reversed at the secondary level as West Pakistan had 5500 schools out of 9000.The N.W.F.P and Balochistan had little more than 100 primary schools each.There were few secondary schools and only one intermediate college.On aggregate the new country had 83 colleges,3 Engineering colleges,108 teachers training schools and 71 technical,industrial and agricultural institution...
                                 The administrative framework of the educational system in Pakistan was neither broad based nor efficient.From 1947 to 1955 education was the responsibility of the local bodies.However,after the one unit scheme education came under the provincial administration.The situation remained static during the formative years.Reforms and planning were haphazard and uncoordinated.Education policy from 1947 to 1958 was the symbol of political instability and choas that prevailed in the country.
                                                                                     The first educational conference was in Pakistan was held in November,1947.The Quaid-e-Azam outlined and educational philosophy which incorporated both the fundamentals of Islamic traditions and modern science and technology.
                                                                             The conference made a number of recommendations meant to make the educational system stronger and relevant to country's needs.Among other things it suggested curriculum revision,diversification of courses,compulsory religious instructions and development of administrative machinery.
                                    From 1947 to 1958 no meaningful reforms were introduced.Uncoordinated changes were made only to the extent of curriculum in the primary and lower secondary levels.Very little attentions was paid to higher education with no innovation.However,in later years especially during the Ayub era.efforts were made to transform the educational system in a planned and systematic manner.Some of the important reforms of that era are National commission on education (1959),commission on students problems and welfare (1964).National commission on Man power and education (1969),New educational policy (1970)and National educational policy (1979)...................

Initial problems:-Congress reaction on the establishment of Pakistan

The British and Hindus,at last,had to surrender before the exemplary struggle of the Muslims of India.The Hindus and Congress,however,did not accept the partition and emergence of Pakistan from the core of their heart.They always looked for opportunities to create problems for the newly-born State of Pakistan.The Indian leaders had accepted the partition in the hope of undoing it soon and re-establishing their hegemony over the whole of the sub-continent.According to Brecher,"Most of the congress leaders and Nehru among them,subscribed to the view that Pakistan was not a viable State--politically ,economically,geographically or militarily and that sooner or later the areas which had ceded would be compelled by the force of circumstances to return the fold."With these sentiments the congress leaders had accepted Pakistan as for them Pakistan was a transient phase,a tactical retreat that did not affect their strategic aims.But the Quaid-i-Azam declared,"Pakistan had come to exist for ever and it will by the Grace of God exist for ever."
                                                                   The congress leader did their utmost to damage Pakistan.They adopted measures with the connivance of the British,and particularly with the blessing of Mountbatten,to pile problems for Pakistan so that it should not survive as an independent and sovereign State.The Indian Government adopted every possible means to strangle Pakistan's economy.Due to these conspiracies and mischieves,by the congress leaders,Pakistan had face great difficulties......

Primary Education In Pakistan

Education in Pakistan at the primary and secondary level is divided into three categories.(1) Primary ( class 1 to V) (2)Lower secondary (Class VI to VIII), (3) (IX to X) and higher secondary (Class XI to XII).Primary education is the most important and crucial phase of education as it aims at developing the intellectual base of the school-going children.According to the Government statistics of there are nearly 86000 primary schools.Half and more do not have their own buildings.In the rural areas 60000 schools are open air while other use borrowed facilities.
                           In Pakistan majority of primary school-going age population does not go to school.It is less than half the primary school going age peoples who attend schools.The ration is still poorer with respect to females who never go to schools.Overall the situation has slightly improved as enrollment has increased about 8% since 1981.In respect of females it has increased only 5%.
                                                                            The primary sector has been neglected by successive governments.Every Government promised universal primary education and higher literacy.However,it is revealed that unchecked population growth,mismanagement of of funds and lack of political will have added to ignorance and illiteracy.............
                                          In the seventeenth five year plan (1988-93) need was felt for opening new schools in those areas which badly needed them.However,by this time the educational sector has already been badly hit for want of funds and lack of determination. on the part of various chalked out an ambitious Social Action programme which focused on basis education and female participation.The Government demonstrated its determination to accomplish the targets of SAP within the plan period.............

The impact of Islam,Islam and Hinduism,Cultural Influence,Religious Influence

Islam and Hinduism:-
Islam gained a quick and unmatch popularity throughout the sub-continent.By the end of 14 century Islam had penetrated in all parts of India making its indelible impact on the cultural,social and religious conditions of India..
Cultural Influence:-
Before the advent of Islam in India the people were divided in several social factions because of the caste system.An intense and perpetual strife was going on between all social groups of society.Conditions which extremely lacked in solidarity and homogeneity prevailed in the society.The People were greatly perturbed and worried over the unstable social conditions.The caste system had divided the society in different social groups with antagonistic approach and feelings towards each other.The prevailing conditions were ripe for the introduction of a new religious faith and system which was to negate the existing philosophies of life based on inhuman trends and customs....
                                     When Islam was introduced to the people of the sub-continent,it attracted many followers because of its simple and easily understandable principles.The social and cultural impact of Islam was on the pattern which characterized a new social system.Islam challenged the Hindu Society,with its strong traditions of social religious democracy.It presented a striking comparison between the Islamic and Hindu  societies where the spiritual and intellectual superiority was wrested by the privileged classes...
 Religious Influence:-
Islam and Hinduism basically differ in their attitude toward life.Islam strongly believes in the concept of Tauheed(Oneness of God) and insists on the equality of mankind before law.It does not see any distinction among the people on score of such inhuman principles as caste,creed and social position.Hinduism.on the other hand,believes in the multiplicity of gods and is based on the unethical caste system which had divided the society into privileged and under-privileged classes.....................

Pakistan Ideology:-Definition and explanation,Two nation concept

Pakistan Ideology:-Definition and explanation,Two nation concept

Definition and explanation:-
The creation of Pakistan was unique in the sense that is was based on an ideology which sought its roots from the religion of Islam.The famous slogan "Pakistan ka matlab kiya,La illaha illallah"became the core of the freedom movement and the basis of Pakistan.....
Two-nation Concept:-
Pakistan ideology was based on the fact that the Muslims were a separate nation having their own culture,civilization,customs,literature,religion and way of life.They cannot be merged in any other nation because philosophy of life is based on the principles of Islam.As the Muslims of India found it difficult to live according to the principles of Islam int eh United India,they were forced to demand a separate homeland to safeguard their national and religious identity..........
                                          Pakistan Ideology was erected on the two-nation theory which was meant that Hindus and Muslims were two separate and distinct nations whose understanding of life was glaringly different from each other.Sir Syed Ahmad Khan,the pioneer of the two nation Theory used the word Two-nation fir Hindus and Muslims after being convinced of the Hindu and Congress hatred and prejudices for the Muslims.The Muslims were the separate nation who always adhered to their religious identity.The Muslims of the sub-continent did not want to see their image as a distinct nation being tarnished and therefore strictly adhered to it.The British and Hindus,in spite of their great efforts,could not put a wedge into the Muslim unity and lover for their nation character.The creation of Pakistan owes much to this feeling of adherence to their national image by the Muslims of the sub-continent.
                                                      As far as the meaning and definition of Pakistan Ideology is concerned,it basically means that Pakistan should be a state where the Muslims should have an opportunity to live according to their faith and creed based on the Islamic principles.They should have all the resources at their disposal to enhance Islamic culture and civilization because this was the sole purpose of demanding a separate                    
homeland for the Muslims............

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Proper Way-Tips and Tricks To Increase and Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

How to get more traffic for your blog
Hey Welcome Again Every Body,today my plan is to teach you guys that how to get unique traffic to your blog-with proper and easy way..!!

So,Following are the best steps to get unlimited traffic..!!

1- Write Often But Rare:-
                                        It is not necessary to create post over post,This is just useless you are not going get traffic that way,Write relatively less but good,simple and attractive post,which forces man to open and read for it..!!

2-Create An Excellent Title For Your Post:-
                                                              The most important and basic step in blogging is to make an excellent and attractive title for your respective post.

3-Submit your website to famous search engines:-
Here are the few most important and popular search engines,
1. Google Search- Submit Here
2. Yahoo Search - Submit Here
3. Bing Search - Submit Here
4. Rediff Search(India) - Submit Here
5. Baidu Search(China) - Submit Here
6. Guruji Search(India) - Submit Here

Submit your site there and let millions of people know about your website..!!

4-Always Create Genuine Post:-
                                           Many People don't know what is genuine post.Genuine post is usually defined as "post which you create in your own words".It means Google is warning you never upload Copyright content...!!

5-Write In Chinese (If You Can):-
                                                          China is no.1 ranking country in Population.It is estimated that the post which are in Chinese language get relatively more views than rest languages..!!

6-Write about stories or Tricks:-
                                           It is noted that bloggist having story sites or trick site hit thousands of views daily.Because Every one usually attract toward these topics..I also agree that..!!

7-Add Image with Every post:-
                                                 The most important step which bloggist forget to do,this step should be kept in mind while creating post..Because Your Content Go To Google and Your Image go to Google Image Portion,which allows image searching user to reach your site in order to see that image,then they also read the post related to the image..!!
8-Share your website:-
                                 Share your website to some important sites Like:-
1- facebook
2- twitter
4-google plus
9-Create Pages Related TO Your Website:-
                                                            Creating paging is an essential part of getting traffic,create your page according to your website.
                                   As I have an website related to Tricks And Tutorial,Then I will create Facebook,Google Plus,Twitter Pages and I will mention my site there to get traffic from these websites in order to promote my site..!

10-Submit your site to official bookmarking sites Like Reddit:-
                                                      Official bookmarking sites drive thousands of traffic to your blog by submitting your famous post there.Just Sign up and Submit your famous post to:-