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Monday, September 3, 2012

Youth and Experience : Things I Wish I'd Known When I was 18

In 1983,shortly before he died at the age of 79,Sir Anton Dolin gave his interview ti Pamela Coleman of the Sunday express.Dolin was the first great British male ballet dancer to win international fame.He was still t travelling the world,giving ballet master classes,until shortly before his death.

                                                                  I wish I had married very young and had lots of children.There were two people I might have married.The first was an actress with a title and she did not want to marry,did not want to changer her name.The second died.So I never married,never knew the joy of parenthood.But I don't have too many regrets about my life.Things that seem very big when you are young become awfully small in later years.I do wish, though,that my father had lived to see me a acclaimed as a dancer.He didn't like the idea of my going into bullet at all.He was a country gentleman,a cricketer and a hunting man, and although he didn't mind  when,at the age of 11 began acting,the thought of a boy of his being a ballet dancer was a bit too much.I'm sorry I never proved myself to him..
                                                         I was a child actor,doing plays and musical comedy.Then I began to take a dancing seriously.I was the only boy in the ballet class but that didn't bother me.At one stage,my father decided that I should go to boarding school.I ran away because I hated it so much..!!

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