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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

World's famous libraries

The National library,Vienna "(Austria)":
 The national library of Vienna is considered to be the one of the largest libraries in the world.It contains a collection of papyri consisting of 81,000 items. 12,00,000 printed books and manuscripts.Also there is a music collection containing 19,000 volumes of printed and 12,000 music manuscripts.

Munich State Library:-
It comprises of 2.5 million volume and is considered to be the biggest library in Germany.

British Museum Library:-
It was established in 1759.It has six million printed books and 60,000 manuscripts.In world war II (1939-45) one hundred and fifty thousands books were destroyed by air raid.!

National Library,Paris (France):-
It is considered as one of the biggest library in the world.It comprises of over six million books.!

State Library,Berlin (Germany):-
It was established between the years 1659-61.In 1947 it was amalgamated with the Berlin University Library.Prior to the world war (1914-1918) it had 2.85 million books.In the whole now there are fifteen Lakh books in the new library.Amongst Germany's other biggest libraries are:University of Bonn (8,00,000).Freidburg (12,00,000) and Munich (25,00,000).!

Vatican Library,Vatican State (Italy):-

The Vatican library consists many valuable and rare books of Christians.It has also rare manuscripts.!

Lenin state Library,Moscow (Russia):-
It comprises of the hundred and fifty million books,magazines and manuscripts.Some historical documents are also preserved in this library.!

The National Library,Tokyo (Japan):-
The national library of Tokyo contains 4.1 Million books while the University library of Tokyo has 18,25,000 books.!

Imperial Library,Calcutta (India):-
This is India's biggest library and contains 500,000 books and manuscripts.

Punjab Public Library,Lahore (Pakistan):-
Amongst the public libraries this is the biggest library in Pakistan,established in 1884.It has 4,00,000 books and manuscripts.A Quranic section has been added in the upper storey of library which houses old and rare copies of the Holy Quran,translated in many languages of the World.!

Congress Library,New York (USA):-
It was established in 1800 and contains more than 43.5 million books.Each year many thousands books are added in the library.
                                       Toronto Canada (1,00,000 volumes),Amsterdam University's Library (15,00,000 books) and National Library Argentina (6,00,000)..

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