Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin A

Vitamin A:-
Deficiency leads to skin diseases,night blindness,belching and respiratory disease.Vitamin A is found in Milk,butter,carrot,tomato,leafy vegetables and fruits.
vitamin B

Vitamin B:-
Deficiency causes Beri Beri,degeneration of sex glands or enlargement of liver.Vitamin B is found in peas,beans and cereals.

Vitamin C:-
Deficiency causes scurvy and tooth and bone diseases.It is found in lemon,orange and cabbage etc.

Vitamin D:-
Deficiency causes rickets.It is found in butter,milk,yolk of egg.

Vitamin E:-
Deficiency affects the reproductive organ and causes sterility.Vitamin E is present in germinating water.

Vitamin K:-
Help in coagulation of blood and is found in fish,wheat and oats.!
Vitamin K