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Monday, September 3, 2012

Transformational Generative Grammar

The term "transformational generative Grammar" is used to refer to Noam Chomsky's theories about syntax which have been touched upon in the last chapter.These theories were the first out forward in a book entitled Syntactic Structures which was published in 1957.If you want to know more about Chomsky's ideas on this as well as other aspects of his thought read the French linguist Mitsou Ronat's interviews of Chomsky in a book entitled.On language (Chomsky 2002).However,here is a summary of these views.Basically,Chomsky tried to find certain rules which would create "well-formed" sentences on a language.A sentence was defined as being   "well-formed" if the native speakers of that particular language felt that it was correct or grammatical.As Chomsky wanted to create rules of a general kind about language he had to use what is seen by many as mathematical terms.

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