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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Senses

There are five senses in human beings;sense of sight,sense of hearing,sense of touch,sense of taste,sense of smell.!!

Eye-Lodged in the skull:eyes are concerned to the brain with the help of optic nerve.The eye consists of a white coat called Sclera; the oval part covered with a clear transparent tissue called Cornea;Second layer of a eye ball is called Choroid Layer;the Iris,Lens behind the pupils (a double convex lens);Retina where image is formed..!

Defects-Associated with the eyes are Myopia (shortsightedness) when the eye ball elongates and the image is unable to reach the retina and the person cannot see distant objects; (b) Hypermetropia (long-sight) when the lens becomes less convex so the image is formed behind the retina.Persons suffering from it cannot see an object;Astigmatism when the curvature of the regions becomes uneven and no image is correctly formed.

Eye-There are three regions of the ear:the extremely ear;the middle ear and the inner ear.The external ear consists of the Auricle made of cartilage covered with skin.It helps in directing sound waves through a canal into the eardrum which starts vibrating.These vibrations are sent to the inner ear where they cause waves in the fluid filling the coiled tubes of cochlea.A thin membrane called Basilar membrane lies inside the cochlea and is vibrated by these waves are converted into nerve impulses.

Sense of A large number of nerve endings lying below the surface of the skin give the sense of touch.

Sense of Smell-The olfactory receptors in the upper-most region of the nose respond to molecules in the air.

Sense of Taste-Tiny rough areas the papillae concerned on the tongue are responsible for the sense of taste.!!

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