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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The 10 Best English-Language Nonfiction books of the 20TH Century

1-The Ants,Bert Hoelldobler and Edward O.Wilson(1990)

2-Samuel Johnson,Walter Jackson Bate (1977)

3-The Right Stuff,Tom Wolfe(1979)

4-Working,Studs Terkel (1974)

5-Darkness Visible,William Styron(1990)

6-Cadillac Desert,Marc Reisner (1986)

7-The Gate of Heavenly Peace,Jonathan D.Spence (1981)

8-The Rise of the West,William H.McNeil (1963)

9-The Great war and Modern Memory,Paul Fussel (1975)

10-Battle Cry of Freedom,James M.McPherson (1988)

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