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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Systems of the human body

There are nine system in the human body.The skeletal system is made up of of more than 200 bones.The muscular system consists of nearly 600 muscles which perform all the movements of human body.There are voluntary and involuntary muscles;the former are controlled by our will but not the latter.The excretory  system is formed by the kidney,ureter and the bladder.The system is meant to throw away the waste products of the human body.The nervous system comprises brain,spinal cord and nerves.It coordinates the activities of the different organs of our body.The endocrine system consists of ductless glands,pituitary,thyroid gland,pancreas and adrenal etc.Some of them produces special chemicals called hormones.The system coordinates the working of various organs.The reproductive system consists of different organs in the case of males and females.The digestive system consists of mouth,food pipe,stomach,duodenum,small intestines,pancreas and liver.The respiratory system consists of ,mouth,nose,nasal passage,pharynx,larynx,trachea (Wind pipe),bronchi (sacks of the lungs) and respiratory muscles.The circulatory system consists of arteries which take blood from the heart and veins which take blood to the heart.!

Functions of important organs of the human body:-
Secrete juices that help in digesting food and keep the balance of sugar in the body..

Situated in the abdomen above the stomach,acts as a stone house of digested sugar,act as laxative,separates the nitrogenous waste.

A pumping station,it pumps pure blood to different parts of the body and pumps impure blood to lungs for purification.

The two bean shaped structures,situated in abdomen,filter the nitrogenous water of the body and help maintain the constant composition of blood.

A pulpy,bloodfilled oblong gland manufactures red blood corpuscles-a function later assumed by bone marrow.

Gall Bladder:-
Pear-shaped organ store bile,secreted by the liver and then passes it on to the intestine through the bile duct .!

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