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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Solution for no one is clicking my Adsense Ads

Adsense has spread world-wide and it's a internet best profession adopted by millions of people.Just make more and more posts for your blog and earn thousands of Revenue.

Yeah,I know it's an great tension when you see that no one is clicking on your ads.Just act on the following suggestions:-

1-Go to your adsense account and check below "last 7 days".If your blog address is there then it means your adsense and blog issue is not occuring..

2-Go to the old blogger interface and go to monetization and check if there's no content available then it means you don't have enable your adsense ads on your blog.

3-If there's an complete history of your revenue system then it mean's your account is in good standing according to community guidelines and you don't have to worry..

Just post more or more genuine post to get thousands of traffic...People only clicks on your add when they feel that this blog has helped us a lot and is very informative.Otherwise they will not..!!
Thanks for reading..!

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