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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sharing the happiness of my first Adsense Earning

Yo My dear friends.Today I just remember the day when My first adsense earning was given to me by Google.You can't believe on adsense until you get your first earning.Dude,cant tell you I was so excited while opening my First cheque.I didn't believe,I saw a huge amount first time.I ran towards my parents,sisters, and brothers and told them about my first earning.Because whenever they see my posting and designing my website they just laugh and walk away just saying that "Time Killing".But I did it,I fulfil my dream and I mean it.We all went to look for a good restaurant and have a hearty meal together with my family.Then,I tell my friends and gave them treat in "Hardees restaurant".And after a month my money finished.Then,I start hard working again and earning in daily basis.I love adsense and this profession which every man can adopt it.!

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  1. Dose you earn adsense only from this blog or have you got more blogs like this ?