September 20,2012 one Day Holiday in Pakistan?Why?

Hi My all dear Muslim friends from Pakistan.I am feeling very sorry to Say that Some Jews from America uploaded some kinds of our Beloved Holy Prophet and earn Million of dollars just because of us.Cause I am  From Pakistan and I didn't know about the Videos which was on Youtube.Our Media has prompted this report and cause in the spread of this video.No Should was familiar with these videos which Jews had uploaded..!!

And the Main,stupid and worse thing I hate is Protesting in our country and blasting and tearing up all the things which was helpful.Now,I am asking you to tell whether this is good or not?We are protesting in our country and making our country worse.America is not going to have bad times they would just enjoy the desperation and sadness on our faces with smashing up our own country..!!This is not the right thing which we are doing,We should face this bravely and compete them with our clever minds..!!

So,At last our coward and biggest terror Crime Minister "Zardari" announced Holiday in Pakistan without taking any reaction and give this holiday a inspirational name "In love Of Holy Prophet"..!!

Why we are not standing up and take reactions,This is what Our Allah and beloved Prophet taught us?

We are not doing as we were made to be.!!We are not the right Muslims.Youtube,google,Facebook must be ban in Islamic countries forever.This is greatest trick and mind-freaking for them..!!

Cause 40%Percent of Youtube traffic is from Islamic Countries..!!

Thanks for reading my blog please leave a comment or a good suggestion.I hope your suggestion will reach the Media..!!