On your own : Superstitions

Many People believe that you'll have good luck :

If you find four-leaf clover.
If you find a horseshoe.
If you give a new pair of shoes to a poor person.

You'll have bad luck :-

If a black cat walks in front of you.
If you come under a ladder.
If you open an umbrella in your home.
If you put your shoe on a Table

Here are some other Superstitions :-
If your right eye itches,you'll laugh soon
If your left eye itches,you'll cry soon

If your right ear itches,somebody is saying good things about you.
If your left ear itches,somebody is saying bad things about you.

If a knife falls,a man will visit soon.
If a fork falls,a woman will visit soon.
If spoon falls,a baby will visit soon.

If you break a mirror,You'll have a bad luck for seven years.

If you spill salt,you should throw a little salt over your left shoulder If you don't you'll have bad luck