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Monday, September 3, 2012

My Job Interview

I had a job interview a few days ago at the United Insurance Company.The interview lasted almost n hour,and I had to answer a lot of questions..!

First,the interviewer asked me that where I had gone to school.Then She asked If I had had any special training.She asked where I had worked.She also asked me that whether I was willing to go to another city.She wanted to know If I could work over days and weekends.She asked How my health was in the last past years?She asked me whether I was ever fired.She wanted to know that Why I had different jobs in the last four years..

  And finally,the interviewer asked the most difficult question.She wanted to know Why I thtought that I'm more qualified than the other sixty-two people who had applied.

I had never been asked so many questions at a Job Interview before.I don't know how well I did,but I tried my best..!

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