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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is Suicide is the Best Option after Being Raped?

I am telling you the story about "How I was raped by some black men" when I was coming from my school to home.On way,I saw an ice-cream shop and I wished to have some ice-cream,I go there eat ice-cream and start bicycling.Then,after few minutes I heard a car coming towards me with the great speed.Well,I ignored it.But after few seconds,It just stop in front of me,And I started crying but in vain.Two of them grab me tightly and I just remember that thing and I Fainted.When,I wake up a saw all the blood on my clothes.I understood that I was raped.I stopped crying and come to my home without my school bag.My mother was shocked to see me that my clothes were full of blood and I don't have even my school bag.She asked me to tell what happened to me.I was just crying and crying.Then at last,I dared to tell the Mom that I am raped.First of all,She started laughing but when she see me crying hardly then she believed me.And,We called the police..

Police started searching for rapers.And The main climax is the ice-cream man.He was the real rapper.Who saw me alone and just changed his mind and bring some black guys with him and raped me hardly with no mercy :'(

Now,I only live with tears and sadness in my life,There's no one who really knows me.I even didn't tell my father and my friends.I just shared my sadness with the help of this blog and I really know it will help me forgetting this sadness and loneliness.
I don't know what would happen If every one knows Who really I am..:-(

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