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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to start Blogging on Blogger?

Blogging has become a famous and world-wide profession adopted by a enormous number of People to Spread their article,earn from it,and for commercial and financial purposes.!
For adults It's an easy and meaningful source for income.You can't purchase a house,car,property etc , but you can live atleast your own life with your own earnings.

So,Our topic was that how to start blogging on Blogger.It's an easy and simple way to start blogging on blogger.
Here are the few instructions to follow for start blogging:-

1- Sign up on

2-Give a good title to your blog it's very important

3-Now choose  desirable template for your blog (You can define template as a theme for your blog)

4-Now,after acting upon above instructions,look for a new post symbol on your home page.

5-Now,you will see a page like this

6-Now,choose a good title for your post,it's extremely important to choose a good topic for your post,For example Many People have attention to get popular blog,so that's why I make a post on
"How to start blogging on blogger?"

7-After making a post click on publish and go view your blog,you will have your first post on your blog.!! :)

Thanks for reading this post :P


  1. Hi Ahsan!

    Setting a blog on Blogger is easy and free, but you don’t own the blog. You own only the content, but domain belongs to Google which means they can suspend your account if you violate the Terms of Service.

    start a blog

    1. Great Question To Ask,But Google will not suspend your blog,they will just disaprovve your google adsense accont associated with your blog,

      I have my first blog full of copyright content and I have violated every terms of service,but they didn't close my blog..!!

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