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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To Delete Unique ID and Hide Your Identity on Opera?

I am gonna teach you that how to hack Opera Identity and delete unique id for different purposes.It is like

Hiding you from website detection.!!Many People trends toward this work and it has spread world-wide.!!

So,We are gonna talk about Delete Unique ID and Hide Your Identity On Opera..!!

1- Open up your Opera Browser from the place where you have saved it..!!

2- Go To opera Icon on the top and click on setting's and go to Preference's and click on advanced setting's

3-After Reaching Advanced Setting's,Go To security and click on "Ask websites not to track me"..!!

4- Now go to again Opera Tool and click on Settings and hit"Delete Private Data"

and check all boxes on the page and delete all of them,by checking all you see ..!!

FEELING very Happy To SAy That Your Are Done now Please restart the Opera and ennjoy..

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