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Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to choose a good template for blog?

Template is very essential and necessary Thing or tool for Blog.Which can get attention of the users.If templates are not good then no one would open your website.Templates are also good for adsense.If you choose a good template then your adsense ads will get more and more clicks.

Choosing template can also help you in approving your adsense account.Adsense only approves your account if you have a good looking blog.It's doesn't matter how many posts you have on your blog and how long they are.Just choose a good template.Choose background images,change the post title,page title..

I prefer Dynamic template (slidebar) and choose color of pink for good looking blog.Many adsense accounts disapproved which are signed up with your blog.What they say?they say that your blog criteria is not eligible for this feature.Indirectly,they are saying that your template is not good enough for adsense.

Yeah,I also agree you must have atleast 10 posts and they must be original and genuine content.Copyright content doesn't help you to approve by adsense..

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