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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

History's of Most Famous Walls

Berlin Wall:-
In the 28 years (1961-1989) it stood as a grim barrier between East and West Berlin,this wall was the cold war's boldest symbol.The East German Government that erected it claimed it was a protective barrier shielding its subjects from western agents and provocateurs.The West said that wall was a prison barrier,designed to keep people in.By 1989,the West's view was vindicated.Once the wall came down Fast Germany could no longer control its vassals and ceased to exist within little more than a year.!

Great wall of China:-
No,it's an urban myth that you can see the great wall from outer space.But,what the heck,if any man made object rates oversized praise,this is it.Built or restored over a 2,000 year period by several ruling dynasties,the wall was an ambitious attempt to keep raiders and no, it mads out of the Chinese heartland.When it succeeded,it had world-wide repercussions:The Huns resisted and harassed on their east by the tribes that had been unable to push throughout the great wall into China,turned west instead,with disastrous consequences for Rome.When It failed,it failed spectacularly :The Mongols simply wept over and around it and seized China-en route to conquering a Eurasian empire four times the size of Australia.

Green Monster,Fenway Park,Boston:-
Built in 1912,the Boston Red Sox's Fenway Park is showingg its age.A bevy of newer parks,such as Baltimore's Camden Yards.Denver's Coors field and San Francisco's SBC Park emulate Fenway's intimate layout and short sight lines,but boast bigger seats,better bathrooms and more abunssdant concession stands.But the one thing they can't imitate is Fenway's Green Monster,the 37-foot high left field "fence" that has intimated generations of American League sluggers.The huge wall is so inextricably associated with Red Sox  (and major league) history that talks about replacing Fenway with a new stadium begin and end with the demand that the Green Monster have its usual pride of place in any successor park..!!

Vietnam Memorial:-
On their first take,still sensitive to the public rebuff they'd suffering during the unpopular Vietnam War,many veterans called Yale student Maya Lin's simple inscribed walls "a gash of shame".But further slowly descended into the quagmire of Vietnam,presenting more and more names of the fallen.Gradually the walls ascend.much as the U.S slowly extricated itself from the war,and the number of lessens accordingly.Lin's Stark visual device astutely avoided politics-it neither extols the the war nor disrespects dead.It simply says to visitors,"An important thing happened and here are the names of the men who died because of it".

Walls of Jericho:-
Actually,Jericho has several walls,built one atop the other.That's because the town has been inhabited since around 8,000 B.C., and each time a flood,fire or earthquake knocked down one set of walls or new occupants moved in,a fresh set of walls would be constructed.Nobody's quite sure which set Joshua's trumpeters in the Old Testament knocked down,but archaeological evidence says it's not implausible that the Hebrews could have been in the neighborhood when something big went down.For Jericho's inhabitants Joshua's arrival probably wasn't all that big a deal.After all,the town a habit of rising from the rubble.!

Walls of Troy:-
It took the Greeks 10 years figure out how penetrate Troy's walls.The solution,of course,was to be invited in rather than constantly try to crash the party.Alas,the Trojans were the original teenage girls from those schlok horror films where,despite the audience yelling out."Don't open the door! Don't open the Door!" they go ahead and do it anyway.The upside:We got the Illiad and the Odyssey out of it,two of the greatest poems over recited and the basis-along with the Bible-of western Literature.!

The Western (Wailing) Wall, Jerusalem:-
The High scarred wall on the western edge of Temple Mount is believed to be a remnant of one of the colonnades that enclosed the Second Temple,built by King Herod around 19 B.C and razed by the Romans in 70 A.D.For many Orthodox Jews,coming to prAy at this wall is the equivalent of a journey to Mecca for Muslims or a pilgrimage to Rome for Roman Catholics.Over a 2,500 year period,The Jews have been exiled or persecuted by Babylonians,Romans,Europeans and Arabs.Here,in the heart of their ancient capital,lies a remnant from a better time.!

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