Four Disasters

Hey,everybody our today topic is about disaster's.This year there have been fires,earthquakes,plane crashes and volcanic eruption.All the people telling the story have survived disasters..!

Fire Incident Disaster :

Hi.I'm Bill Daniels.I live in Chicago.I was working in my office on the 28Th floor of skyscraper.I was dictating some letters to my secretary when the fire-bell rang.I rushed out to the lift but it wasn't working.The stairs were full of thick smoke.We couldn't go down,so we had go up to the roof.When we got there some people were waiting calmly.Others were shouting and screaming wildly.A helicopter managed to land on the roof and rescued six of us before the building collapsed...!!!

Volcanic eruption Disaster:

My name's Martha Huggins.I was on holiday in the South Pacific and I was staying on Pogohiti,a small island.I was having a rest when the volcano erupted.The noise woke m up.I looked through the window.Every body was running towards the harbor.I just put on a coat,and ran to the harbor too.I managed to get on a ship.It was leaving when the lava hit the town...!!!

Airplane Disaster:

Hello,I'm George Green.I'm a farmer.I was working in the field behind my house when I saw the plane.It was on fire.Smoke was coming from the engines,and it was coming down fast.I was running towards my house when it crashed into the trees behind me.I heard a terrible explosion.When I woke up,I was lying in a hospital bed..!!

Earthquake Disaster:

Good evening.My name's Michael Purt.My wife and I were staying with friends on Santa Monica in the Caribbean.We were having dinner when the earthquake began.Everything shook.
All the plates and food fell onto the floor.
We were picking everything up when the ceiling fell onto us.We couldn't move, and we had to wait for three hours before help arrived..!