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Monday, September 3, 2012

Do you know how many languages exist in World?.

The world has about 6,912 languages.But it is not only numbers which tell us how important language-just the fact that we humans can convey meaning and write them down in symbols-really is.Without language we would have no conversation,no songs,no stories,no jokes and no civilization as we understand the term.Indeed,perhaps we would be like intelligent monkeys but would we be human?One doubts that we would.Language distinguishes us from animals.

Just observe,we behave,People talk more than they do anything else.They generally talk when there is someone to hear them but sometimes ever where there is nobody to do so.In literature societies words are also written as read.Almost,everybody reads signs on the road,in shops, and on the TV,but there are also people who spend most of their waking hours writing or reading.All this is language in section.Such an important thing-human language is an object of interest in itself.Those who are interested in its study are called linguistis and the scientific study of language is called linguistics..

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