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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Critical Discourse Analysis

Critical Discourse analysis (CDA) is a method of Discourse Analysis that reveals the way discourses are used everyday for signification,power relations and development of new knowledge,Words,whether spoken or written have power.CDA is concerned with studying analysing words used in discourses to reveal the source of power,abuse,dominance,inequality and bias and how these sources are initiated maintained,reproduced and transformed within specific social,economic,political and historical contexts (Van Dijk 1988)

This approach is often called "critical linguistics" an interdisciplinary approach language study with critical point of view for the purpose of studying language behavior in natural speech situations of social relevance (Wodak,1989).!

Fairclough (2000) identifies three central tenets of CDA,namely :social structure;culture;and discourse.The goal of CDA is to determine the relationship between these three central tenets.Our discourses reflect the societal norms and beliefs,i.e we say things in conformity with the way they should normally be said in our society,and there are certain things we do not say because the society has constrained us not to say them.Likewise, our identity in the social structure is shown in the way we think,act and speak.A text is a record of communication,which involves the presentation of facts,beliefs and the construction of identifies of participants..!

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