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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Strange Discovery

One day about noon,I was walking on the sea-shore,I made a very strange discovery.I was alarmed to see the print of man's bare foot in the sand.I stood as if I had been struck by thunder.I listened and looked around.but there was nothing to be seen or heard.I climbed up a little hill in order to see further,I went up the shore,but there was no other footmark to be seen.How it came to be there I did not know,nor could I imagine.!

On my way home I stopped two or three steps to look behind me.I imagined that every tree stump in the distance was a savage waiting for me.That night I could not sleep for thinking about what I had seen.How had that footmark got there?What Ship had come to the Island?

I decided that It must have been some savages from the mainladn,who had been driven on to the island by the wind and had now gone away again.I was very glad that they had not seen me.Then I became very worried as to whether they had seen my home.If they thought that somebody was living there,They would certainly return in large numbers to destroy my home and carry off my animals.

I resolved to do two things.First of all, I would strengthen the defences around my home.I would do this by bulding another wall outside my first.Secondly,I wanted to protect my hear of goats and find a safe place for them to live.!

I built the second wall using all the spare timber that I had strengthened it with the remainder of the ship's cables.Behind the wall I carried earth and stamped it into position to a height of ten feet (3m).In this wall I made seven holes so that I could fire my guns without being seen myself.When The wall was finished I planted a large number of small trees on the outside.They grew very quickly and made a quite a thick wood.It hid my home from sight,so that it was difficult to believe that there was anything or anybody behind it.!

I didn't have to look long for a suitable place for my goats to live in.I soon found an ideal piece of ground in the middle of a thick wood.I fence it round,and before long had my little flock living there..!!!!

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